How do you turn off live photos?

Loud Boss Guy is spending a lot of time trying to figure out this whole iPhone to computer photo transfer thing. He’s fiddling away with it and I answered a few questions I actually knew (or previously googled LOL) then we got to one I didn’t know.

Google: “How to turn off live photos”

And the answer displayed on the top – didn’t even have to leave my search to know…. which is pretty cool and reduces my fumble time while answering a question.

“The Live Photos feature is enabled by default, but luckily it’s easy to turn off. When you launch the camera app, find the Live Photo icon, which is made up of three concentric circles at the top of your screen. If the icon is yellow (or gold), Live Photos is currently turned on. To turn it off, simply tap on the icon.Oct 26, 2017

How to disable Live Photos on your iOS device – CNET”
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