Loud Boss Guy sneezes even louder than his typical full attention demanding volume!!


Young HotShot has been sick but extremely recently. It’s only Wednesday and Monday Young Hot-Shot had a cold that he came in and shared with us for a very short while – also bought me a coffee and brought it in which made my day let me tell you!!

However, Young Hot-Shot says, “I thought it took 3-4 days for a cold to incubate?” after I accused him of spreading the plague… hahaha

I say – Nah!! It surely is 24 hours – to support my theory of course… Let’s google it!

“how long does the cold virus incubate”

Google’s Answer Box Says:

It took that from the 3rd search result. https://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/15/health/the-claim-a-cold-is-contagious-only-before-symptoms-emerge.html

However, with a little more reading, you see it’s saying MOST viruses have that rate of incubation BUT THE COMMON COLD DOES NOT!

“The time between infection and signs of illness, or the incubation period, is about three to five days for most viral diseases, but colds move a little faster.” (emphasis added)

If you read the first or second links and their snippet, you see the answer is actually very different. It’s up to 3 days or 1 to 3 days.



That third one got me thinking, “PHOOEY!! WRONG AGAIN! Humble pie for dinner again!”

But wait!!

I have some experience in the medical field. I’ve been a CNA (certified nurse’s assitant), a combat life saver (in the Army), and a veterinary assitant to name a few. I remember – NO – I KNOW the answer to this question!!

I doubted myself, but I was right!

Young Hot-Shot guy is nice to have around. He is refreshing in his sometimes wrong answers but sometimes right too! I question myself and am often returned to a place of peace and enlightened spirit in no time! Thanks Young Hot-Shot, but…

I’m right again! ?


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